February 2017

When do I qualify for COD?

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Cash on delivery (COD) is offered as a payment option for certain orders, delivered within certain geographical areas, and on select products based on value. It will appear as an available payment option at checkout if your order qualifies.

What happens if a product is out of stock?

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If a product goes out of stock, it will reflect as such on the website or will no longer be visible on the website.

We do our best to prevent sales of products that are out of stock, but due to the digital nature of our business the opportunity exists for an item to go out of stock after an order is placed. If you have already ordered the product on the website when it goes out of stock, we’ll let you know. You will then have the option to be refunded or credited for any amount already paid by you, or you can wait until the product comes into stock again.

How do I buy products from Sellers other than Takealot on the website?

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Takealot sells products on the website, but it also allows third party sellers to sell their products on the website. Buying from a Third Party Seller is easy:

Takealot will indicate on the relevant product pages when products are for sale by a Third Party Seller. Buying products from Third Party Sellers works exactly the same as buying Takealot products. You can simply add the products to your shopping cart and proceed through checkout using any of Takealot’s available payment methods.

Products sold by Third Party Sellers qualify for the same delivery options as products ordered from Takealot.

Customer Service and Returns will also be handled by Takealot as per our policies for at least 6 months after delivery – so no need to worry about conflicting return rules.


December 2016

Can I change my delivery address?

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Due to high festive order volumes, we unfortunately can’t make changes to your delivery address once payment has been received and you have received your Payment Confirmation email.

November 2016

Mobicred Help

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If you have any questions about Mobicred you can visit www.mobicred.co.za or you can contact them via email at customerservice@mobicred.co.za or call them on 08600 62733.

How do I pay using Mobicred?

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How it works:

New Mobicred users:

  1. First, you’ll need to register on Mobicred’s website and complete your application.
  2. Once approved, you can come back and pay for your items using Mobicred*.
  3. Your application may take 1 business days to process
  4. If you need your items right now, please select a different payment method. We can’t guarantee that your items will still be in stock when you return.

Existing Mobicred users:

  1. Select Mobicred as your payment option during checkout.
  2. Log in using your Mobicred username and password.
  3. Enter the one-time pin (OTP) that will be sent to your mobile phone.
  4. Click on “Confirm & Pay”.
  5. Your Mobicred account will be debited and we will send you a confirmation email of your order.


*Subject to credit approval. T&Cs apply. For more information & interest rates, see What is Mobicred?

What is Mobicred?

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Mobicred is a simple and convenient online credit facility that allows you to shop on takealot.com and repay the amount in monthly instalments. Interest is charged at 21% per year. Please note the annual interest rate may change.
As a revolving credit facility, Mobicred repayments are calculated as 10% of the account balance plus fees. These fees will be confirmed with you by Mobicred on opening your Mobicred account and could entail the following:

  • Monthly service fee of R35.00 (ex VAT)
  • Once off account initiation fee ranging from R100-R500 (ex VAT), depending on the facility granted.

Please note: The monthly payment amount displayed is indicative only and based on 12 monthly instalments excluding any Mobicred fees.

March 2016

What are Unboxed Deals?

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Unboxed Deals refer to returned and shop soiled products that are offered for sale at greatly discounted prices.

Unboxed products could show signs of slight use due to handling, minor cosmetic imperfections or be missing the original packaging. Where the original packaging is missing or damaged, Takealot may reseal or replace the original packaging altogether to better protect the product.

Can I buy an Unboxed Deal using EFT as payment?

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The EFT payment option is not available for Unboxed Deal purchases.

Unboxed Deal quantities are limited and as such we reserve stock for customers in the order in which we receive payment. Due to the delay with EFT payments, only instant payment methods are accepted for Unboxed Deals, to avoid our customers’ disappointment.

February 2016

Buying an Unboxed Deal

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Adding an Unboxed Deal to your cart, or completing your order for an Unboxed Deal without paying for it, does not reserve the product for you.

Stock will be reserved for customers in the order in which we receive payment.

February 2016

Do Unboxed Deals qualify for free shipping?

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Yes – our standard free shipping on orders above R250 applies.

Can I use a coupon or voucher to buy an Unboxed Deal?

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Yes – you can use a promotional discount coupon or gift voucher towards the purchase of an Unboxed Deal.

What if the Unboxed Deal I wanted is no longer available?

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Due to the nature of Unboxed Deals, we can’t predict when an item will be available as an Unboxed Deal again. To avoid missing out on a great deal check, check the website often and order quickly if it comes up.

Unboxed Deal quantities are limited and as such, after an Unboxed Deal is sold out, those particular products may be available on the website at their normal selling prices (but no longer as an Unboxed Deal).

What if I changed my mind?

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You are entitled to return an Unboxed Deal for up to 30 days for a full credit in accordance with our Returns Policy.

If you’re returning an Unboxed Deal, the reduced price paid  for the product at the time of the purchase will be credited back to you.

Can I exchange or replace an Unboxed Deal?

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Unboxed Deals can be exchanged or replaced in accordance with our Returns Policy, provided that the specific product and/or the different size or colour variation is available as an Unboxed Deal at the time of your request.

If the product is not available as an Unboxed Deal, you will be offered a repair or account credit subject to our Returns Policy.

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