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How it works:

  1. 1. Add to cart
  2. 2. Proceed to checkout (as it works with any other purchase)
  3. 3. Once you click on Buy Now you'll receive a unique Voucher Code, and a link to download a PDF file with the voucher. You can then print out or email this PDF file to the lucky recipient.

Your purchase will not be eligible for C.O.D. if you add a voucher to your cart

Note that the voucher will only be active once it has been authorised (paid for). You will receive a "Payment Received" email once we have successfully authorised your voucher - this will be your cue to send the voucher to your recipient.

The voucher will be valid for three (3) years after it has been issued.

For more information on redeeming/using vouchers, visit our FAQ. Unsure? email or call us on 0861 222 989

  • R1000 Voucher

    R1000 Voucher

    Use this for when you really messed up and owe your better half a big apology

  • R500 Voucher

    R500 Voucher

    Your serious voucher as gifts for people with slightly more expensive tastes

  • R250 Voucher

    R250 Voucher

    Your regular voucher for gifts and adults' birthdays

  • R100 Voucher

    R100 Voucher

    Your standard voucher for medium gifts and grannies' birthdays

  • R50 Voucher

    R50 Voucher

    Your basic voucher for small gifts and kiddies birthdays

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