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Books can be the greatest joy and audio books provide all the pleasures of reading without any need to focus on the printed page. The range of audio books is extensive, we have over 1,000 in our catalogue and cater for a wide range of tastes. You'll find audio books for kids, Afrikaans audio books, and more when you shop for your books online at We know you'll be thrilled with your purchase!

Children’s audio books are popular gift options for smaller children and at we stock plenty of boxed sets that are perfect birthday gifts for any child. If the children in your life enjoy listening to stories at home, in the car or while out and about then you should take time to review our range of books online.

The range of mind, body and spirit products in stock are perfect for you if you practice meditation or just enjoy lying back and listening to relaxing and calming music. Because nothing produces greater tranquility and peace of mind than taking time out to calm the spirit, our range is the ideal solution to ensure your busy days end on a peaceful note.

We have a variety of economics and business audio books ideal for learning the ropes of big business without any need to focus on small print. If you want to learn while driving to work and back, these books are a great choice as you can play the CDs anywhere. The same can be said for any of the academic and learning modules we have in stock. Whether you want to learn about archaeology, religion, mathematics or medicine you're sure to find the right title to suit your learning needs at

Most of our titles are in the English language however, we do stock other language audio readers including Afrikaans audio books, so check out the full line of language CDs if you're looking for something other than standard English.

When searching for particular audio books online you can search our product lines in various ways. The advanced custom search allows you to specify just what you're looking for, while we also have quick links to recent releases, bestsellers, and specials. You can also quickly find out what's in stock and how long you'll need to wait for books to arrive into our stock range, as well as sort books by specific price range.

We're sure that when you choose to buy audio books from our online catalogue you'll be impressed by the speed of delivery and the ease of ordering from Our generous returns and exchange policy is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase of any goods. You won't have any difficulties placing your order and will want to order from us time and time again. So why not log into our catalogue of books today and find out just how wonderful listening to your books in your own time can actually be?

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