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If you are looking for children’s educational books, please feel free to browse through our extensive selection or search by author, title or ISBN code number. Our selection of school and educational books include a wide choice of titles, including teaching and study materials.

Textbooks, student books and workbooks with exercises are written for pupils to support the study of a subject at school, or for students in their course at college or degree at university. Similarly, students involved in part-time courses or evening classes may find that their educational institution or training centre recommends a particular title to support a course syllabus. Many of these reference materials are also used and recommended by other training centres and private colleges. Additionally, students and parents alike may wish to select a title for private study and as a useful source of information on the subject at hand.

Course books cover subjects such as mathematics, language and literature and arts and culture, as well as numerous titles to develop literacy and reading. Science and technology also feature highly in the title list, as well as social sciences. On offer in this section are the latest editions and course books from introductory to advanced levels - in printed format and in some cases as ebooks.

Numerous publications are increasingly becoming available for download as electronic books. If you prefer to purchase school books online and read them on your device, we offer Adobe compatible options – with appealing, media-rich digital publications, sometimes with accompanying audio files (please see the individual product description). Content can be read both online and offline and transferred to a personal computer. Other convenient features include searching for keywords through the ebook and quick navigation to different pages.

Preschool books are ideal for encouraging little ones to discover the world of reading. In addition to this, preschool books grant children the pleasure of turning pages to discover new pictures with simple accompanying text. Investigating the written word and reading together in this way to learn and practice different sounds is an experience children will remember and treasure, while also facilitating the development of good habits and abilities which will help them with their future education.

From early learning and foundation courses through the elementary education stages, we also offer a range of titles for adult and continuing education. For those who are studying or preparing for examinations, there are hundreds of titles on study skills.

Course tutors guiding individuals or groups of students may wish to select from the ample choice of titles on teaching skills and techniques. There are also teachers' guides on various subjects for additional resources and ideas. Titles include educational counselling, educational studies, policy and planning as well as authoritative works on the differing levels of education.

The majority of titles are available in English and Afrikaans, with a few books in other languages – namely Xhosa, Chinese, Arabic or Tswana. Available formats include paperback, hardback and spiral bound, whereas mixed media products include a textbook and downloadable audio or CD - especially in the case of language learning publications.

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