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Digital cameras from Takealot.com

At Takealot.com we carry one of the most extensive ranges of digital cameras available in the South African market. We have selected some of the best-selling cameras from leading manufacturers like Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax to give our customers the widest range of choice. Our product selection caters to all camera users, from those who are just getting started to expert photographers. There are literally hundreds of cameras to choose from, and more importantly, our low prices and flexible payment terms make it possible for you to get the camera of your dreams. Start browsing our digital camera section today to get excellent value for money with the great range of digital camera specials and bundle deals available from Takealot.com. Remember that you can now benefit from secure online shopping on each and every purchase made through our digital camera specials section. Make your purchase online and get the most out of our select range of digital cameras for sale.

Point and shoot digital cameras

If you are looking for a compact camera to take with you on holiday, you will certainly find what you are looking for in our range of point and shoot cameras. These products are lightweight, very portable, and user friendly, so they are perfect for casual or amateur photographers. But point and shoot cameras are more than just entry level digital cameras. Technology has come a long way and you can now take great snapshots (and even high-quality videos) with them. At Takealot.com we stock a huge variety of point and shoot cameras that incorporate fantastic features, like dozens of different scene modes, HD video recording, continuous shooting, wireless connectivity, and HS sensors that allow you to take pictures in low light conditions without needing to use a flash. Browse through our selection of point and shoot digital cameras for sale and find your favourite among hundreds of digital camera specials.

DSLR cameras

Discover how much better your pictures can look when taken with a top-quality DSLR camera. We cater to the needs of photography enthusiasts and expert users with our selection of DSLR cameras. These are highly responsive cameras that come packed with a range of exceptional features, such as lightning fast autofocus, high resolution sensors that deliver sharp images and vibrant colours, and a high frame rate that will help you get impressive results when shooting moving images. Our DSLR cameras can also help you get the best results out of your photography sessions thanks to their live preview features, which allow you to compose a pictures on the LCD display so that you can shoot precisely at the right time. And of course, the DSLR digital cameras for sale at Takealot come with interchangeable lenses to suit the specific requirements of every photo opportunity.

Bring the digital revolution home with our digital camera specials, which include everything from Canon DSLR starter bundles to professional-level DSLRs for specialised purposes like astrophotography. Don't forget to check out our twin and triple lens DSLR bundles by Canon and Nikon.

Instant cameras

The latest instant photo cameras have revolutionised the way we think about photography. These cameras are ideal for those occasions when you simply can't wait to see the results. Simply point, shoot, and in a matter of minutes you will have a pocket-sized memento in your hands. Our instant cameras boast appealing technical features, such as self-timer, built-in flash, and the ability to print a personal message on every picture. What's more, they are available in a wide range of attractive colours, from baby blue to yellow and including pink, black, and lilac. If you are looking for a retro-inspired instant camera, check out our classic Fujifilm range to find some truly eye-catching models packed with exciting features like party, landscape, or fast-moving picture modes and manual brightness control. In addition to our instant digital cameras for sale, you can also grab all your instant camera supplies from Takealot.com, as we carry multi-packs of instant film manufactured by Fujifilm that guarantee top results. 


You can now get all you photography essentials online at Takealot. Visit our website and browse among high-quality photography accessories like professional tripods, spare li-ion batteries, camera pouches in multiple sizes and colours, chest mounts, anti-fog pads, automatic release devices, battery chargers, and more.

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