Memory cards

The days of having to spend considerable sums getting photos developed or running the risk of video recorders chewing up your precious home movies are over thanks to the proliferation of SDHC cards. Now all your pictures, videos and music can be stored on one SD or Micro SD card for easy access no matter where you are in the world. A compact flash card can be used again and again without a deterioration in quality, saving you money. To get the data off of a SDHC or Micro SD card, all you have to do is slot it into an SD card reader and drag and drop your files to your hard drive. At we pride ourselves on offering the very best price to those looking for a compact flash card (whether Micro SD card or SDHC) or/and an SD card reader. The cards we offer come in a variety of different memory sizes and classes so there is something to suit every need. Those who merely need something for regular photographs should find a class 4 card with a capacity of 4GB or 8GB sufficient, while people who like Full HD video will be best suited with a class 10 card with a capacity as high as 64GB. Compact flash cards are typically larger than SDHC ones so a specific type of SD card reader will be required.