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Cellular Accessories

Choose from the latest cellphone accessories and enhance your mobile user experience. Whether you want to reinvigorate the look of your phone with a colourful new cover or make your life easier with a hands-free kit, we have it all at takealot.com at affordable prices. Browse through our department and benefit from many great deals on a range of products.

All Your Battery and Charging Needs

A large section of our department is dedicated to batteries and chargers where you can find vital replacements for your phone, as well as convenient charging solutions such as power banks and portable chargers. We also stock socket adapters for charging your phone in many locations around the world, including the USA, India, Europe and Australia.

Offering You Great Choice

Testament to the range of products we can offer you at takealot.com, we showcase a great variety of miscellaneous cell phone accessories from speakers to memory cards and screen guards. Our affordable memory cards can easily expand your phone’s storage capabilities with capacities ranging from 2GB to 64GB. If you’re looking to turn your phone into a mini sound system, we also feature various speakers using the latest in Bluetooth technology.

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