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Buy GPS Devices at takealot.com

Track your movements, find your location or plan out your journey with a GPS navigation device from takealot.com. A GPS device can record and display types of data that can be extremely useful for security, fitness and navigation purposes.

Takealot stocks automotive GPSs specifically for South Africa, so they’re extremely accurate and will ensure that you reach your destination as planned. With trusted brands like TomTom and Garmin you’re assured of top quality devices that are user friendly with functions like audio instructions which allows you to keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, ultimately ensuring a safer journey for you and your passengers.

You can also find GPS logbooks in our department to accurately track the movements of fleets or personal vehicles. These devices also keep an accurate log of distances travelled, which makes the completion of tax returns a breeze. All the data gathered from the GPS logbook can be monitored and imported to a computer program and displayed on a handy map interface.

If you’re looking to accurately record and measure your fitness regimes takealot stocks a select few fitness watches and fitness GPSs. Simply strap them on to your wrist or chest while out running and you’ll be able to accurately track your heart rate and distance travelled.

Takealot stocks only the the best brands at unbeatable prices, along with all the accessories and add-ons you might need. Keeping track of your everyday life has never been easier.

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