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FNB Day and Takealot 


Date these rules were first published: 15 August 2022 

Date these rules were last changed: N/A 

Read these Campaign rules carefully. These Campaign rules (“rules”) explain your rights and duties in connection with this  Campaign. If you take part in this Campaign and/or accept any prize, these rules will apply to you and you agree that the  promoter(s) can assume that you have read and agreed to be legally bound by these Campaign rules.

Campaign Name: 

Takealot FNB Day

Promoter(s) Name(s):

This Campaign is run by FNB-eBucks, a business unit within First National Bank, a division of FirstRand  Bank Limited (Registration No. 1929/001225/06 (“eBucks”)), an Authorised Financial services and  Registered Credit provider having its principal place of business at 7 Merchant Place, 1st Floor, 9 Fredman  Drive, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa, 2000, in collaboration with Takealot. The person responsible for  conducting the promotional campaign on behalf of eBucks is Patricia Sishi, a Partner Growth Manager at  FNB-eBucks. In these rules we refer to the above promoter(s) as “the promoter(s)”, or “us” or “we”. We  will refer to participants as “you”.

The campaign:

Customers can earn up to 15% back in eBucks (depending on their reward level) on Daily Deals products  with Takealot on FNB Day.

How to participate/enter?

Use your qualifying FNB/RMB Private Bank cards on the Takealot platform during the campaign days to  purchase any products from the Daily Deals category and earn up to 15% back in eBucks on qualifying  orders.

Your percentage earned back in eBucks is dependent on your eBucks reward level.

Products to which the  campaign is Applicable:

• All products in the Daily Deals category on the Takealot platform on FNB Day. • Any non-campaign product/s purchased in combination, within the same basket, with Takealot  FNB Day products will not qualify for any earn.

• eBucks earned on Daily Deals products on FNB Day will be allocated in the following month.

Campaign period:

The Campaign will run on the following days:

• 15th August 2022

• 15th September 2022

• 15th October 2022

The promoter(s) reserve the right to extend the Campaign by amending these rules.

Is there a limit on the number  of times a customer can participate?

The amount on which you earn eBucks on the Takealot FNB Day Daily Deals products is limited to a total  Rand spend of R5000.00 (Five Thousand Rands) per campaign day.

Eligibility: Who qualifies to  take part?

This Campaign is open to any legal resident of the Republic of South Africa who is a natural person, 18 years of age or older at the time of entry, has an FNB/RMB Private Bank transactional account and is a  member of the eBucks Rewards Programme.

Data Usage and Privacy  Policy

Participants in the Campaign understand and agree that in order to offer the Campaign, we may collect  and use personal information about participants. This personal information may include a participant’s first  name, last name, email address, mobile number and in certain instances your image. Personal data, which  participants provide, may, subject to prevailing law, be used for future eBucks marketing activity, unless  you notify eBucks that you wish to opt out of receiving such marketing communications. We will treat your  information in total confidence and will not sell, share or rent this information to any other third parties. We  may disclose information if required to do so by law or if it is required to protect the safety, rights or property  of eBucks, our members, customers or the public.


No correspondence will be entered into regarding either this Campaign or these rules. In the unlikely event  of a dispute, eBucks’ decision shall be final. eBucks reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or  withdraw any aspect of this Campaign in its sole discretion at any time without notice or liability. eBucks  cannot guarantee the performance of any third party and shall not be liable for any act or default by a third  party. The laws of the Republic of South Africa govern this Campaign. If any provision or part of these  rules is deemed void or otherwise unenforceable in law, then that provision or part shall be deemed  excluded and the remainder of these rules shall remain in force. Any violation of these rules will result in  the immediate disqualification of the transgressing participant from the Campaign. Participants may be  invited to participate in Public Relations activities and other marketing and social media advertising  initiatives as organized by FNB as a result of this Campaign however, participants reserve the right to  refuse such participation.

We will not be held liable for any misrepresentation caused due to a copy error, typing error and/or  omission that may occur on any of our Campaign material.

Rule Amendments

These rules cannot be modified or superseded except by eBucks, in its reasonable discretion, in a written  revision to these rules posted on the eBucks website  (https://www.ebucks.com/web/eBucks/legal/termsandconditions) and, at eBucks’ sole discretion, using  other potential official campaign communication methods reasonably calculated to reach a majority of  potential participants. A copy of these rules can be found on the eBucks website at  https://www.ebucks.com/web/eBucks/legal/termsandconditions.

Contact for Enquiries 



▪ You agree to indemnify the promoters fully for any loss or damage the promoters may suffer because you  breached the Campaign rules. This means you agree to reimburse the promoters for the following: any loss or  damage they suffer, any expenses and costs they paid or are responsible for. Legal costs means costs on an  attorney and own client scale.

▪ You also agree to indemnify the promoters for any loss or damage you suffered because you took part in this  Campaign or used the prize. If you enter yourself, or use or accept the prize, you understand that you do so of  your own free will. This means that you cannot hold the promoters legally responsible for any loss or damage  or legal expenses you suffered because you took part in this Campaign or used the prize.

▪ You will protect the promoters from being held legally responsible for the loss or damage or legal expenses of  another person (legal or natural) if such loss or damage or expense was incurred because you: a) breached  the Campaign rules b) took part in this Campaign or c) and such person used a prize.


• If you fail to comply with any part of these rules you will be disqualified, and you will forfeit any prize(s).

• You may not attempt to do anything to change the outcome of the Campaign in any way.

• The clauses in these rules are severable. This means that if any clause in these rules is found to be unlawful,  it will be removed, and the remaining clauses will still apply.

• Where any dates or times need to be calculated in terms of this agreement, the international standard time:  GMT plus two hours will be used.

• While the promoter(s) may allow you extra time to comply with your obligations or decide not to exercise some  or all of our rights, or waive certain requirements, the promoter(s) can still insist on the strict application of any  or all of its rights at a later stage. You must not assume that this means that the rules have been changed or  that it no longer applies to you.

• You must send all legal notices to FNB Legal, 3rd Floor, No 1 First Place, Bank City, Johannesburg, 2001.