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Stand a chance to win your share of R50,000 in Takealot.com Gift Vouchers when you play the Takealot.com/VISA Memory Game.

These terms and conditions apply to your access and/ or use of the Takealot.com/VISA memory game  made available to certain customers on their computer and/or on their mobile device, via the micro-website – https://takealotmemorygame.game-a-thon.co.za/ (“Takealot Memory Game”).

1. Promoter: This competition is promoted by Takealot Online (RF) (Pty) Ltd (reg. no. 2010/020248/07) (“Takealot.com”, “Takealot” “us”, “we” or “our”).

2. Competition Period: The competition runs from 08h30 on Monday, 19 October 2020 until 15h00 on Tuesday, 17 November 2020 (the “Competition Period”). No entries will be accepted outside of the competition period.

3. Who can enter: You are entitled to participate in this competition if (i) you are a natural person who is at least 18 years old and who resides in South Africa; and (ii) it is lawful for you to be awarded the prize. You may NOT participate if you are a supplier of goods or services in connection with this competition, or if you are a director, member, partner, employee, agent, or consultant to Takealot/ Superbalist/ Mr D Food or any other entity which directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by Takealot/ Superbalist/ Mr D Food, or if you are any of the aforementioned persons’ spouse, life partner, parent, child, brother, sister or business partner.

4.     How to enter the Takealot Memory Game:

4.1. When you purchase Goods on Takealot.com for an order over R450, using any VISA card (credit or debit), you will be emailed a unique game play token (“Token”) to play and stand a chance of winning an instant rewards on the Takealot Memory Game at https://takealotmemorygame.game-a-thon.co.za/. Please note that we will endeavour to send you the email containing your Token timeously (estimated to be no longer than within 72 hours from the time your order is made).
4.2. Once you have clicked on your Token, you will be directed to the game home screen to allow you to enter the Takealot Memory Game. You must then click the “Prove It” button on the landing page in order to start playing. The Takealot Memory Game consists of 4 levels where you will attempt to match the same cards. Each level has a time limit for you to complete that level.
4.3. When you have completed a level, you will move on to the next level. After completing all 4 levels successfully, you will be prompted to click “continue” which will direct you to the data capture form screen.

4.4. If you run out of time before you are able to complete a level, you will be prompted to click ‘Continue’ where you will be directed to the data capture form screen.

4.5. When you have been directed to the data capture form, you will be required to submit your details. The information we require from you will be subject to our Privacy Policy (clause 15 of the Takealot.com terms and conditions) and is collected for the purpose of executing this competition and for the purposes as set out in Privacy Policy.

4.6. When you have successfully submitted your details in the data capture form, you will qualify to stand a chance of winning the Instant Prizes and/or the Grand Prize as set out in these terms and conditions below.

4.7 The first time you play the Takealot Memory Game and you successfully complete the data capture form, you will qualify to stand a chance to win the Instant Prizes as set out in clause 7.

4.8 The second time you play the Takealot Memory Game (using the same Token) and successfully complete the data capture form, you enter the draw for the Grand Prize as set out in clause 7.

5.    How many times you can enter: You may play the Takealot Memory Game as many times as you want during the Competition Period, however you will not qualify for any prizes after the second time you played using the same Token.

6. Entry fees: There are no entry fees to participate in the competition, and no additional charges involved in acting as set out in section 4 above. Takealot will not be held responsible for any data or airtime charges or costs incurred while participating in this competition.

7.    Prizes:

7.1 The first time you play the Takealot Memory Game (using the same Token) and you successfully complete the data capture form, you qualify to stand a chance to win one of three instant prize options (“Instant Prizes”) up for grabs in the competition:
7.1.1  Prize Option 1: One of 100 x R250 Takealot.com Gift Vouchers;
7.1.2  Prize Option 2: One of 20 x R500 Takealot.com Gift Vouchers; and

7.1.3  Prize Option 3: One of 5 x R1,000 Takealot.com Gift Vouchers.

7.2 If you play for the first time using more than one Token, you will only be eligible to win each denomination of Instant Prizes (Option 1, 2 or 3) once, unless a particular denomination has already been depleted.

7.3 The second time you play the Takealot Memory Game (using the same Token) and you successfully complete the data capture form, you will be guaranteed entry into the Grand Prize draw to stand a chance to win R10 000 in a Takealot.com Gift Voucher (“Grand Prize”). Please note that you will not be eligible to with an Instant Prize when you play the second time (using the same Token). You will also be limited to a maximum of 1 Grand Prize entry into the draw during the duration of the campaign, regardless of how many Tokens you use.

7.4 Takealot.com Gift Vouchers are subject to our standard terms & conditions available here: https://www.takealot.com/help/promotional-codes-tcs.

7.5 Takealot is not responsible for any harm due to the loss, unauthorised use or unauthorised distribution of a Gift Voucher code, after Takealot has delivered the Gift Voucher code to you, or the mobile number captured by you.

8.  Winners:

8.1 Using a randomisation algorithm, the Takealot Memory Game will automatically assign an Instant Prize to you if you are a winner. Should you win an Instant Prize, you will receive communication via SMS to the phone number you inserted in the data capture form.
8.2. All Grand Prize entries will automatically be pooled together at the end of the Competition Period and one lucky player will be awarded Grand Prize via a random draw after 20 November 2020. If you have an entry to the Grand Prize draw, and you are the chosen winner, you will receive an email confirming that you are the winner.

9. Disqualification of winner: There are certain situations in which a winner will be disqualified from receipt of his/her prize (whether an Instant Prize or the Grand Prize), namely: (i) you fail to provide their correct contact details in the data capture form, (ii) you are found to have contravened any other rule set out herein, or (iii) you cancel or return the qualifying Takealot order within the duration of Competition Period (and such cancellation or return is occasioned by any fault of Takealot or is a Changed My Mind return). In the event of disqualification of a winner, Takealot will be entitled in their sole discretion to select another winner from amongst the competition participants or to not award the prize at all.

10.  Use of participant and winner information: By participating in this competition, you consent to the use by Takealot of your information, so that your name and surname can be announced as a winner and your prize can be delivered to you. The winner may also be asked to permit the use of his/her image in marketing material, to participate in marketing activities, to permit Takealot the use of the image uploaded in marketing material.

12.  Unforeseen events: In the event of unforeseen circumstances or causes beyond our reasonable control, Takealot reserve the right to cancel this competition,  to change the number or nature of the prize at any time, or to change the rules at their discretion (provided that we will not change the conditions for participation or conditions for being awarded the prize, as stated herein). Takealot will not be held liable for any entries not received, personal contact information incorrectly captured and or prize confirmation SMSs not being received, for any reason whatsoever, and will not be responsible for network connectivity or hardware issues experienced while participating.

13.  Rules: By participating in this competition, you agree to all the competition rules set out above, without exception.