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Buy Computer Accessories at takealot.com

Mice and Keyboards

The keyboard and mouse are the most common means of inputting data to a computer, and whether you use your computer for work or gaming, choosing the best keyboard and the best mouse can make a big difference to the time that you spend on your computer. Takealot.com offers a number of wired and wireless keyboard and mouse sets, and our competitive pricing and wide range means that you can find the best wireless keyboard and mouse price on the best devices, whether you are looking for a Microsoft keyboard and mouse or Logitech keyboard and mouse set.

Wired Or Wireless

Wired sets may prove less expensive, but the proliferation of bluetooth keyboard and mouse sets means that even the biggest and best-known manufacturers have released wireless sets with highly competitive price tags. A Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse may prove as inexpensive as a Genius wireless keyboard and mouse, and both can compete in price terms with even some of the cheapest wired alternatives.


Whether you own a laptop or desktop, or a tablet or other computing device for that matter, buying a good quality mouse can transform your computing experience and help ensure that you get the most from your gaming, work, or other computer use. Takealot.com has a large catalogue of computing accessories, including a selection of mice ranging from the latest gaming Logitech mouse to the multifunctional and inexpensive Microsoft mouse models.

Laptop Mice

Computer mice and laptop mice are effectively the same, but a laptop mouse may offer a more compact design, while being either USB or wireless. Assuming your laptop has the same ports as your home computer, however, you may be able to buy a single PC mouse or computer mouse and share it between your devices, therefore saving money and offering greater convenience.


We have a huge range of mechanical and wireless keyboards for sale on our site, all at the most competitive prices. Whether you need a high-powered gaming keyboard that will allow you to master the most demanding and difficult games or want to connect to a specific device using an Apple wireless keyboard or a keyboard for an iPad, takelot.com offers the very best models with unbeatable deals and the very lowest keyboard prices.

Every computer keyboard on the site is delivered straight to your door with reliable and speedy delivery. Choose an ergonomically-designed Microsoft keyboard, enjoy the plug-and-play simplicity of an advanced Logitech wireless keyboard or benefit from the advanced gaming capabilities of the Imperator Genius keyboard which is specially designed for MMORPG/RTS gamers.

All keyboards can be purchased using a choice of nine different payment methods, including cash on delivery if required, and every keyboard order can benefit vulnerable South African children and families by including an optional charity donation on your behalf. Take advantage of the buying power of South Africa's most innovative e-commerce retailer and find the most advanced keyboards for sale at the very lowest prices.

Mouse Pads

Comfort is important when using a computer for preventing strain and stress, which is why we have selected a varied collection of mouse pads that suit many types of users. Shop our department and buy your mousepads online at takealot.com for the most stylish, comforting and unique mousepads in Sout Africa.

Cables and Adapters

Computer cables are among the most important, but most often overlooked, of all computer accessories. Without the appropriate cables and wires, it would be impossible to even start a computer, while additional cables such as HDMI cables provide a means of enjoying greater functionality and use from a computer. Takealot.com includes a large selection of USB, VGA, Ethernet, and thunderbolt cables for sale to improve your computer using experience.

Even the largest computer monitor can pale in comparison to the visual quality offered by a high resolution TV, and having a 50” LCD TV in the living room can seem a waste if one watches most of their media content on the computer. However, VGA cables, DVI cables, and HDMI and video cables can effectively connect a computer to a TV in order to offer high quality media playback.

SATA cables are used to connect hard drives to the motherboard of a computer, and are typically only required as a replacement or when building your own computer. USB cables, and the Apple equivalent of Firewire cables, provide a convenient means of connecting various devices, including mobile phones and tablet devices to a computer, while Ethernet cables are used to connect a computer or other device to a home or office network. Getting the right cable is important to ensure that you get the connectivity that you require.


Whatever your needs, takealot.com has top of the line software available at great prices. Good products can be fun and creative, but it is important to select the correct software as some have minimum requirements in terms of operating systems, graphics cards and memory.

CAD software (computer-aided design) is available to the design-minded, while we also have PC software for tasks as diverse as DJ mixing tools, music makers, language learning programs, encyclopaedias and operating systems. Leading manufacturers of PC softwares include internationally recognised companies such as Microsoft, Kaspersky, McAfee, Roxio, Norton, AVG and Magix.7

Security Software

The most important computer software on any system is always AntiVirus. These packages are easily installed onto PCs and laptops and work in the background to keep you and your family safe from malware and other cyber threats. BitDefender AntiVirus is a popular choice as it filters potential threats on social networks and also tells you if a website is safe before you visit it. Another much-loved piece of antivirus software is Norton AntiVirus 360. Again it has tools in place to identify malicious websites and also has SONAR Behavioural Protection to scan any files you download.

Other leading antivirus software products include McAfee's Plus range.

Editing Software

We also have a wide range of video editing software and photo editing software to get your creative juices flowing. Photo and video software can be a little tricky to get to grips with initially, but most come with handy guides to make the process easy and enjoyable.

Educational Software

Microsoft office packages lead the way for those of you looking for word processing and educational software. While Word and Excel used to be sold separately, they can now be purchased together as part of Microsoft Office, which also includes PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.

Graphic Tablets

Graphic tablets are a modern artist’s companion and if you do a lot of retouching they make the experience a lot less laborious because of the levels of precision they provide, not to mention that they are faster to work with than a computer mouse in this area of specialisation.

If you are looking for a Wacom tablet in South Africa, we stock a wide range, including the Wacom Intuos Pro, and Wacom stylus pens such as the Wacom Bamboo stylus, which is one of the best you can find. It is light, beautiful, and has a smaller diameter than its peers, while its smaller removable tip gives it the flexibility needed for the craft.

Tablets in this series come with an Intuos pen and feature high res display to provide the perfect digital tool for artists, and are highly customisable to suit your style. For those who regularly work using applications such as QuarkXPress, Photoshop and InDesign, the Wacom Intuos Pro tablet is the ideal tablet for image and layout precision work. Designers, videographers, and 3D artists will also find it a breeze to work with.

Graphic Tablet Styluses

Graphic tablet styluses are just one feature worth considering when investing in such a device. Whether you have lost your original pen or you want to upgrade to something more comfortable and modern, tablet styluses need to be comfortable and offer you the freedom that you require. Takealot.com has a great selection of styluses, including attractive and comfortable Wacom bamboo stylus models, to choose from. Browse our catalogue to view the full list of graphics styluses, and choose your next Wacom stylus through our secure online shopping environment.

Graphic Tablet Cases

Graphic tablet cases are most commonly bought to offer protection to expensive and often essential graphics tablets, although the case may also provide additional grip and can also improve the look of a device that may be seen as ironically bland, considering it is most often used by creative professionals.


Webcams offer a convenient means for people to communicate with one another online. While many modern devices include a built-in camera, it is possible to buy webcam models separately, either to enjoy improved functionality or because an older computer or device does not include this level of functionality as standard. A wireless webcam not only enables video chatting, and even recording functions, but a wifi webcam does not require the dangling of wires from the computer to the camera. Takealot.com has a variety of webcams for sale, including well known brands such as Logitech webcam models, and offers some of the most competitive webcam prices online.

PC Speakers

From inexpensive Genius speakers to high-end gaming Logitech speakers, at takealot.com we have a large selection of PC speakers for you to choose from.


Takealot.com has a wide variety of wireless and wired networking products at competitive prices. Whether you’re setting up a home network, and require products like routers, hubs, and access points, or you’re looking to establish a more advanced network using KVM switches & cables for a complex business network, we offer the products that you are looking for. What’s more, you can also purchase additional networking hardware like network attached storage devices that can further extend and expand on the quality and use of your network setup.

The Basics

The most basic home network will typically consist of one or more wireless network adapters or networking cables that connect a computer to ADSL routers or modems. However, more and more devices - including tablets, mobile phones, TVs and DVD players, as well as gaming consoles and printers - can all connect to the Internet as well as one another. Achieving a fully connected home network can prove a challenge, and will certainly require the use of a number of networking devices.

Wired Or Wireless Networking

Although wireless networks have become the preferred method of connecting computers and other devices at home, wired networks may prove greater stability and greater ease for some users. Your home network is likely to include a variety of both wired and wireless devices. Where there is a choice, it is common to use networking cables where the device is close to the router, and wireless connectors if running a wire across the room and into other rooms is not an option.

Access Points

At takealot.com, you can choose from a selection of wireless access points, designed to further increase and enhance the range of your wireless network. Whether you have problems connecting entirely, your Internet connection drops frequently, or you have a large number of devices in a single location some distance from your main router access point, buying and using a dedicated access point can greatly improve Internet performance. It is ideal for use in network intensive businesses, for high speed gaming, and for locations that have poor Wi-Fi network coverage. With an access point network coverage can be greatly improved.

USB Devices

There are many types of USB devices available that add functionality to computers, laptops and phones - whether for connecting to a wifi hotspot router, extending a port or charging a device. Here at takealot.com, the variety of USB products we sell reflects the usefulness of USB dongle solutions. For a fantastic selection of products, take a look at our USB Devices department.

Monitors and Mounds

Here at takealot.com we put at your fingertips the best deals on monitors so that you can transform your computing experience with our range of high-end computer monitors for sale. There are dozens of monitor specials available in this section that will suit all budgets and all requirements. By choosing to buy computer monitors online with us, you can be sure that you will be getting the best value for your money with our computer monitor deals on top brands, such as Acer, Dell, LG, Philips, and Asus.

Our objective is to give our customers a wide range of choices so that they can find the right product for their needs. For example, in this section we stock a range of LED monitors, which feature some of the latest technological developments on the market and which are ideal for serious gamers due to their impressive performance and specifications. Our LED monitors offer substantial energy savings over previous models and deliver bright and vivid images without exception. We stock units by Samsung and BenQ that eliminate flickering and grade, providing a more comfortable gaming and viewing experience, as they support up to 1 billion colours. Some of these products can also be connected to a laptop so that you can play action movies and other audiovisual files seamlessly.

Our range of LCD monitors is perfect for graphic designers, visual artists, and for anyone who wants to enjoy realistic images at a fraction of the cost of LED screens. These desktop monitors deliver sharp images and excellent refresh rates, which means that blurred images are now a thing of the past. Moreover, our LCD monitors are ultra-slim, take up very little space, and perform greatly under both natural and artificial light. Some of our LCD screens feature Plug and Play technology and can be used to create dual monitor displays.

At takealot.com we keep abreast of the latest technological developments in electronics, so we have made sure to include a range of 3D monitors that will satisfy the most demanding users. These monitors offer excellent viewing angles, ergonomic design, various connectivity features, and some of the best resolution possible, turning your viewing experience into something out of this world.