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Printers & Scanners

Printers and scanners have been around for many years, often seen in offices and beside the computer at home. While the technology for printing and scanning was invented a long time ago, advancements since then have allowed for greater reliability, faster outputs and higher quality.

In our Printer and Scanner department at takealot.com, you can find an array of devices from laser and inkjet printers to portable scanning devices, all made by respected brands such as Canon and HP.

In our Laser Printers section, we have products ideal for a range of settings including busy workplaces. The Ricoh range of multifunction printers offers an all-in-one printing and scanning solution that will increase workflow considerably and, with a compact design, can be placed in many tight spaces.

Like all the desktop printers we showcase, the quality of images produced is exceptional and you’ll be printing in no time with an easy, automatic setup.

Over in our scanner department, there are many cheap, yet high quality flatbed scanners that produce crisp resolutions for digitising and printing images.

There is much more to see besides the departments mentioned above, though, including photo printers, 3D printer machines and accessories, all here at takealot.com.


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