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Tablets and Kindles

Tablets and Kindles have radically changed the way in which people work, read e-books and surf the web. While tablet computers have been around since the late 1980s, the launch of Apple's iPad in 2010 is what kick-started their surge in popularity and now many people would feel lost without theirs.

Amazon's Kindle has been available longer but recent models have seen it morph from a basic e-reader to a fully functional tablet computer.

Both tablet computers and the Fire range of Kindles share many similarities to smartphones, but boast much larger displays with high resolutions and great storage capabilities. They typically have a non-removable battery that can offer more than ten hours continuous usage without a charge. They are also packed with features and apps such as editing software and games.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of the devices is their portability. Whereas you would have once needed a laptop to carry all your photos, videos and work related items around with you, a tablet allows you to access a world of memories and entertainment in one easy to carry device.

On takealot.com you will see a wide range of tablets for sale, with many differing specs to choose from. Storage capacities vary by manufacturer, with some having the option to increase memory size by installing a micro-SD card. Likewise, they are different features, display sizes and processors to consider.

There are also different kindles for sale and you need to decide which suits you best. PaperWhite and Touch models are aimed at those just wanting access to more than three million ebooks, while the Fire is more suited to people who wish to enjoy the full tablet experience.

Takealot.com aims to satisfy your need for the best tablet deals and kindle deals and we're sure you'll find a great product at a fantastic price.