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Today video games are one of the most popular entertainment products in the world, easily matching and in many cases surpassing Hollywood movies in their ability to hold the attention of consumers or players. With many hours worth of game play and limitless replay potential at your fingertips, they also represent amazing value for money. Furthermore the best prices are mostly found online rather than in high street retailers. Therefore, online shopping is the popular choice among those with an active gaming hobby.

Microsoft and Sony are the major players in this industry with the {Xbox one](https://www.takealot.com/gaming/xboxone) and Playstation 4 respectively, while Nintendo hold first place in the handheld market with their 3DS. The new Switch console also has the unique distinction of being the first, and so far only, portable home games console.

Popular console games new releases during the fall season include EA Sport's Fifa series, continuing this year on PS4 and Xbox with Fifa 18, and Call of Duty, a first-person shooter series in which Call of Duty: WWII will be the latest instalment. These often tend to be the top selling titles and will appear on 'best-selling games of the year' lists, judging by mainstream gaming trends over the past decade.

PC gaming also maintains its appeal and is the popular alternative to home consoles among many players. Personal computers can be upgraded over time with various gaming accessories and more powerful graphical modifications, meaning those with a larger budget and long-term commitment to gaming may benefit more from investing in one PC over multiple consoles. PC games have generally been considered the most aesthetically pleasing, though Sony's PS4 Pro, with impressive 4K capabilities, has the graphical capacity to match some top PC's and is therefore a cheaper alternative for high-powered quality gaming.

Specialised merchandise and collectables have become increasingly popular among fans of specific series' and gaming in general. A wide range of physical accessories and merchandise are available to complement other gaming products at Takealot.com.

Using Takealot.com not only gives you the freedom to browse a wide range of gaming products, consoles, accessories and merchandise online, but provides a safe and secure online shopping experience. A smooth, reliable service - unrivalled in South Africa - promises to deliver straight to your door, offering a range of delivery options to suit your individual needs.