eBook Returns Policy

eBooks are treated differently to other products when it comes to returns, given their nature and due to the many variables which can cause an eBook or its Link not to work. Any defect in an eBook or its Link shall be dealt with as follows.

Should you experience any problems in using the Link to access the eBook, in opening or reading the eBook itself, or if the eBook is defective in some other way (missing pages, incorrect book, etc), you must report the problem to us by way of email to info@takealot.com or by contacting the call centre at 0861 222989, within 6 months of purchase.

As a result, we will investigate the possible cause/s of the problem and how to rectify them. We may need to liaise with the relevant service providers to assess and rectify the problem or to issue you with a new Link so that you can get a replacement eBook of the same title. We will issue a credit only if we determine that it would be appropriate in the circumstances.

NOTE: Please be careful when choosing your products, as if you buy an eBook by mistake, we will only allow you to return it if there is a defect, as set out in this policy.

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