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Musical Instruments & Sound Equipment Store

Let's All Play To The Audience

There are currently more than a hundred guitars to choose from, including electric, bass, acoustic and acoustic/electric guitars. The popular Squier guitar is a perfect example of the iconic tan and orange Sunburst design by Fender Bullet Stratocaster, while the Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet electric guitar is a reliable performer in jet black. There is a wide selection of acoustic guitars, from the traditional Allegro Nylon Classic to an acoustic/electric bass by Peavey. Other featured manufacturers are Cort, Sanchez and Ibanez. Amplifiers with a range of power settings are available from suppliers such as Marshall and Laney to suit electric and acoustic/electric guitars. A variety of bags, stands, straps, strings and tuners complete the picture.

An extensive choice of drum kits, both traditional and electronic, from Mapex and Soundking, with accessories including Zildjian drumsticks, Gibraltar Hi-Hat Drop Clutch, drum pedals and a saddle-topped drum throne by Mapex. Traditional percussion instruments feature the Toca 4" Mini Djembe, tambourines and maracas. Orchestral instruments such as trumpets, saxophones, horns and trombones from Mason, Jinbao and Sanchez are available. Handsomely made Sonata, Jin Yin and Mason violins to suit every age group, come in a variety of half, three-quarter and full sizes, complete with cases and bows. With a vast collection that includes DJ Production gear and studio monitors, a multitude of tastes in Music is provided for. Takealot.com make it easy for the professional and amateur musician alike to Shop Online.