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Pet Supplies

Make your pet part of the family with Takealot

It's official: pets are good for our health and happiness. We want the best for our animals too - they're important family members, after all. There's no easier way to ensure a healthy and happy lifestyle for your pets than by online shopping at Takealot.

Let's start with the basics - what pet doesn't enjoy food, treats and toys? Whether you're looking for a favourite dog food, or something new and tasty for an adorable but fussy cat, Takealot's extensive product choice offers the ultimate in canine cuisine and feline fare. Dogs find our bestselling Petley's Adult Terrine with Oxtail irresistible, whilst a dish of yummy Fancy Feasts cat food always brings out the purrfect cattitude in your kitty.

Playtime is also high on every pet's agenda - and when it comes to walkies, the Dog's Life range of harnesses, collars and leads combines strength, durability and comfort whatever the breed of dog. You can choose a cat collar and lead for an adventurous outdoor cat too, or a scratching post for the feline who prefers the great indoors. Buy online with confidence knowing that Takealot has every aspect of your pet's exercise needs covered. For long journeys by car, choose stackable or collapsible pet carriers for the ultimate in traveling comfort and security - and they can be easily stored after use.

Along with food and play, comfort is on your pet's checklist of essentials. From sprawling Great Danes who require a pad of their own, to shy cats who prefer to watch the world from the safety of a soft and squishy igloo-style hideaway, there are exclusive beds and a selection of cozy blankets to suit at Takealot. The Kitty Castle offers a smart update on the basket theme, offering the choice to sleep securely inside the breathable wicker bedroom, or sit on top, surveying the cat kingdom.

Most dogs enjoy a grooming session from their pet human. Brushes, mitts, combs, herbal shampoos and wipes are amongst the accessories available for the well-turned out dog or cat about town. Health and well-being dog supplies include well-known brands of wormers, parasite control products, supplements and skin care items. Similarly, shop online for a specific range of products developed for feline health, including cat litter, in the Takealot cat supplies section.

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