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Bobtail Dog Food

Available Online at Takealot.com

Keep your dog happy and healthy with Bobtail dog food – perfect for strong dogs.

Whether you’re shopping online for an adorable puppy, fussy adult or even a senior pooch, there’s a Bobtail variety for your dog at takealot.com.

The unique and incredibly nutritious Bobtail formula is loved by dogs everywhere for its rich, complex flavours; no wonder it’s South Africa’s favourite dog food. In fact, Bobtail with VITARITE® boasts 23 essential vitamins and minerals, together with a balanced combination of animal-based protein, cereals and vegetable derivatives.

It’s also easy – and affordable – to spice up your dog’s meal. Shop Bobtail Meal Enhancers, including gravy with chunks and gravy powder. They’re the perfect way of adding extra flavour and nutrition.

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