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All you have to do is list your products, send inventory or your sold items to our fulfilment centres, and Takealot will handle everything else including:

  • Storage
  • Fulfilment & Delivery
  • Customer Service

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Takealot is seeking professional sellers with South African registered companies. Sellers should be able to source original (non-counterfeit) factory sealed (new) products and should be able to replenish their stock consistently.

If this is you, please fill out the below form in as much detail as possible.

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Selling on is a simple three step process.
All you have to do is...

List Your Offers:
List your products for sale through our easy-to-use online Seller Portal.
Set the prices for your products and the quantity you want to sell.
Stock Your Inventory:
Print and apply Takealot's shipping labels to your products.
Send your products to's fulfilment centres.
…or alternatively, keep your items in your own warehouse and only send once you have made a sale.
Get Paid:
Provide Takealot with your bank account details, so we can disburse your available funds to you on a weekly basis
Provide Takealot customers with a valid tax invoice.

Let Takealot take care of the rest. We...

Store Your Products:
Takealot receives and stores your products at our fulfilment centres.
Alternatively, you can keep your items in your own warehouse and only send once you have an order.
Takealot provides tools to manage your inventory.
Display Your Products:
Takealot displays your offers on Product Pages, Search and Browse.
Takealot provides you with an online Storefront.
Process Your Orders:
Customers can add your products to the shopping cart.
Takealot makes all of its payment options available for your products.
Pick, Pack & Ship your Orders:
Takealot picks, packs and ships your sold products to customers.
All outbound shipping costs are included in your fees.
Handle Customer Service:
Takealot handles all order related customer contacts.
Takealot handles returns on your behalf.

Features & Benefits

  • Customer Base - Reach hundreds of thousands of Takealot customers.
  • Catalogue Creation - Add new products to the Takealot catalogue using our easy-to-use Seller Portal.
  • Order Processing - Let Takealot handle checkout and payment processing.
  • Fraud Protection - We cover the risk of credit card fraud on your behalf.
  • Product Placement - Your offers appear where customers make their purchase decisions.
  • Secure Storage - Your product inventory is stored safely at Takealot's fulfilment centres, allowing for fast delivery to customers.
  • Seller Portal - Easily manage and monitor your inventory through our online Seller Portal.
  • Shipping Promotions - Your products are eligible for Takealot's shipping promotions, including free shipping.
  • Fulfilment & Shipping - We'll pick, pack and ship your products to customers, quickly and safely.
  • Customer Service - Let Takealot answer all customer contacts and calls.
  • No listing fees
  • Monthly subscription fee:

    R300* per seller account/month (can be cancelled at any time)

  • Success fees:

    These are Takealot’s referral fees and cover transactional costs, customer support and all round platform support. They are calculated as a % of the VAT inclusive selling price per item sold. This fee will be credited for returned items.

    Success Fee % on VAT inclusive product selling price excluding shipping * Product Categories
    4% Cameras & Lenses
    6% Gaming Consoles
    6.5% Computers & Laptops, Mobile (Sold In Stock)
    7% Liquor, Video/Action Cameras, Drones and Accessories, Binoculars & Scopes, TV & Audio, Computer Components, Wearable Tech
    7.5% Mobile (Sold on Leadtime)
    8% Musical Instruments
    9% TV & Audio: Headphones & Headsets
    10% Health, Beauty, Pets, Non-perishables, Home Appliances and Consumables, DIY & Auto, Workwear & Uniforms, Toys, Office Devices, Office Furniture, Stationery, Electronic Games, Music & DVD, Fishing Equipment, TV & Audio: Accessories, Smart Home
    12% Electronic Accessories, Lawn Mowers & Power Tools, Books, Fragrance & Cosmetics
    14% Baby Items, Garden, Pool & Patio
    15% Homeware, Luggage & Travel, Sport, Clothing, Footwear & Accessories (Baby, Child & Adult), Office Accessories, Camping & Outdoor
  • Fulfilment fees:

    Fulfilment fees cover receiving into a Takealot warehouse, putting away, picking, packing and delivery of your sold items to the customer. Fulfilment fees are charged per item when shipped from a Takealot warehouse; based on the combination of its weight (kg) and volumetric size (length x width x height in cm3).

    Fulfilment Fee per item shipped from a Takealot warehouse (Rands)* Size
    Less than or equal to 35 000 cm3
    Product Categories: Stationery, Liquor, Pets, Music & DVD, Books, Baby Items, Non-Perishables, Beauty, Health FMCG, Fishing equipment
    Greater than 35 000 and less than or equal to 130 000 cm3
    Greater than 130 000 and less than or equal to 200 000 cm3
    Greater than 200 000 and less than or equal to 545 000 cm3
    Extra Bulky
    Greater than 545 000 cm3
    Weight Light
    Less than or equal to 7kg
    32.00 25.00 42.00 95.00 95.00 220.00
    Greater than 7kg and less than or equal to 25kg
    36.00 36.00 46.00 105.00 115.00 220.00
    Heavy Plus
    Greater than 25kg and less than 40kg
    85.00 85.00 85.00 125.00 130.00 270.00
    Very Heavy
    Greater than or equal to 40kg and less than or equal to 70kg
    85.00 85.00 95.00 100.00 140.00 325.00
  • Storage fees:

    Storage fees are only applicable if you choose to store your items in one of our fulfilment centres; and are based on the age, stock cover and size of your items held in storage at our any of our fulfilment centres.

    Items with a stock cover of 45 days or more will be charged.
    Formula: Stock Cover = (Total Stock / Sales Units in the last 30 days) * 30

    Size in cm3 Storage Fee per item/month (Rands)*
    0 - 60 000 cm3
    60 001 - 130 000 cm3
    130 001 - 200 000 cm3
    Extra Large
    200 001 - 275 000 cm3
    275 001 - 545 000 cm3
    545 001 - 775 000 cm3
    Extra Bulky
    > 775 000 cm3

    Please note: You do not necessarily need to stock your items in a Takealot warehouse. You can choose to sell on ‘Lead Time’, which means that you only deliver your items to a relevant Takealot warehouse once there is a customer order.

* All fees are exclusive of Value Added Tax