Animals and Nature

Wild animals and nature figurines offer fun interaction for children of all ages, as well as for those who love to collect miniature lifelike wild animals. At we showcase a wide variety of figurines in this category, providing hours of entertainment for girls and boys without the need for any video games or electronic devices. The selection of horse stable playsets are particularly popular, featuring intricately detailed animals that offer endless role-playing fun.

There's no better way to light up kids' imaginative minds than with these figurines of animals, which are made from safe, non-toxic materials. It's important to provide something children can play with during their crucial development years, when learning is most important. Not only do figurines depicting wild animals and the wonders of nature offer this stimulation, but they're also educational, with various dinosaur animals available from the Brontosaurus to the T-Rex available in intricate detail here.

Other popular products in this wild animal, nature and dinosaurs category include panda figurines, a Pegasus stallion and wooden grill sets from brands such as CollectA, Geoworld, Jeronimo and Siku. Discover a fantastic selection of educational and entertaining products for a range of ages at, where customers benefit from affordable prices, speedy deliveries and a choice of products from leading brands around the world.

Prehistoric Life

Travel back in time to the Jurassic period with fun dinosaur toys in our Prehistoric Life category. We have a full range of cool toys including digging games, educational toys, dinosaur excavation kits and other dinosaur toys for boys and girls. All of our dinosaur toys have incredible lifelike detail and our dinosaur excavation kits provide a close-to-authentic experience for kids who want to excavate 'bones'.

In addition to fun and cool toys from the Jurassic period, you can also recreate the Ice Age with our selection of entertaining and educational toys. Our Ice Age toys include mammoth digging games, cool toys that allow you to excavate one of these creatures. These educational toys are also fun ways to learn about the history of the mammoth, one of the mightiest animals to have ever walked this Earth.

All toys in this category are made from leading brands, including Jeronimo, Geoworld, Bullyland and others. Whether your child wants to excavate or recreate a fight with dinosaur toys, each of our cool toys are safe and of the highest quality. Most of our dinosaur, Jurassic and Ice Age toys are suitable for children of all ages.

Sea Life

Discover a wide variety of CollectA miniature animal toys for boys and girls here in our Sea Life toys department at, including beautifully detailed bottlenose dolphins, zebras, manatees and sharks.

These educational toys offer a fun way for kids to learn about animals, with carefully crafted and painted sea creatures available at They range in size, providing an even greater choice as you try to collect all of them.

Wild Life

Mini replica animals are excellent educational toys, combining fun and learning for kids of all ages. Discover a selection of wild life replicas, including pandas and rhinos. The rhinoceros is particularly popular, with the black rhino available to buy.


Our great selection of plastic playsets are fun and educational. Plastic figures and animal toys are some of our most popular kids toys and are a great learning resource that will allow them hours of imaginative play. Our huge range of toys appeals to children of all ages.

Our animal toys are suitable for kids of both sexes but if you are looking for toys for boys, you can’t go wrong with a realistic dinosaur. Kids will love adding to their plastic toys dinosaur collection with a beautifully made Tyrannosaurus Rex or Brachiosaurus from CollectA. Detailed plastic animal toys make great toys for girls or boys and a complete farmyard can be built with pigs, calves, donkeys and sheep. We have a whole jungle of plastic wild animal toys that make great kids gifts, from well-known creatures like tigers and lions to more unusual animal toys like meerkats and baboons. We also stock lots of other plastic toys like trees and fences to enhance the playsets.

Many little girls love horses and we stock not only plastic horse toys for girls, such as Appaloosa Stallions and Mustang Foals, but we sell their accompanying stables and all the accessories too. Dogs are also favourite animal toys for boys and girls, with Bulldogs and dozens more dogs making fun and collectible kids toys.


Insects are part of nature, just like us. With that in mind, insect toys can make great educational toys! Popular brand Melissa and Doug makes these toys. It's never been easier to get educational toys online.

Farm Life

In this wonderful Farm Life toys category at, we stock a wide selection of toys for boys and toys for girls from the likes of Melissa and Doug and Schleich. Simply pick out your favourite wooden toys and create a fun and interactive farm full of beautifully crafted animals.

Whether you're looking for miniature tractor toys for your farm collection or realistic pot-bellied pig figurines, offers everything you will need to complete your farming set. These farming toys are made from quality wooden and plastic materials that are safe for kids to play with. Plastic and wooden toys are especially long-lasting, providing endless hours of fun on the farm! Complete your wooden farm life set at

Horse Life

At, we have a huge selection of toys for boys and toys for girls. Horse toys, of course, fit into both categories. Whether it's Bullyland, Melissa and Doug, or Schleich, every manufacturer on our list knows exactly what they're doing.

Cats and Dogs

Pet toys encourage imaginative play and a love of animals. Our Schleich cats and dogs toy category are cute and realistic pet toys, for hours of fun.

The best cat toys and dog toys are affordable, so your child can build a collection of their own! These Schleich toys, including puppies and kittens, can go on adventures, perform in pet shows, or live on a shelf with their toy counterparts.

Cat Toys

Browse our selection of realistic cats, allowing your children to keep their feline friends as a pet in a pocket!. Cats and kittens by Schleich are the best cat toys around.

Dog Toys

There are Schleich dog toys for every breed of pet dog you can imagine. Find a Great Dane, Bernese Mountain Dog and even the cutest spotted Dalmation Puppies at