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Beads are pretty much undeniably beautiful. From beaded bracelets to necklaces, beads can make all kinds of jewellery that everyone, kids to adults, can enjoy and love. Add to that the fact that they're so affordable, and you have a kind of "toy" that'll stand the test of time.

This category includes lacing beads, which are often made of plastic or other materials, as well as wooden beads, which give the kind of weight you might want in your accessories of choice. Both come in bead sets, which are part of the beading process of jewellery making.

Wooden Beads

Make your own beaded bracelets from the range of jewellery making wooden beads showcased here at Stringing and combining these beads is easy and entertaining, especially with the excellent variety of beading resources made by quality brands like Melissa and Doug and Viga.

Stringing and beading has never been so fun! Search through the excellent selection of jewellery making beads, Viga toys and beaded bracelets in this diverse beads department, where you can discover a whole range of affordable stringing and beading products made by leading brands.

Lacing Beads

Lacing beads are incredibly fun, creative and educational products for kids to play around with. You can make beaded bracelets, or any beaded jewellery you fancy and much more.

Beads Available at that Make Beading Entertaining and Educational

The beads and beaded jewellery you can buy at include animal-themed beaded jewellery, numbered beaded bracelets and a variety of other beads that will inspire great jewellery making ideas. Browse through the selection of Melissa and Doug beading products at These beautiful wooden beads make for great kids play toys while both building and wearing it. The exercise of threading the beads onto the string is a good skill development process that kids will enjoy doing. Allow your kids to learn about colours, sizes and spacing while improving their motor skills.