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Dolls have been a favourite children's toy for years. Children enjoy imaginary play with Barbie, Baby Born, Bratz dolls and Micky Mouse. They enjoy telling their Frozen dolls stories or singing to Sofia The First. Dolls are kids toys that can be played with alone they can be shared amongst groups of children playing together.

Little ones often have their favourites. They love everything about these baby toys and they long to have the accessories that match. There are Barbie doll houses, Frozen doll outfits and Disney’s Sofia The First tea sets. Choosing baby toys as gifts is easy when there is a special doll the child loves because they adore all things that go with it. Pick a Barbie Princess or a Mickey Mouse collectible character and rest assured they will enjoy their present. Kids toys fire up the imagination and encourage children to learn new things. Dolls teach your kids the act of nurturing and allow them to dress-up their baby doll and pretend they are doing all sorts of activities. Choose complementary accessories, like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse friends and Sofia The First outfits. There is a Baby Born doll stroller and Bratz dolls have a range of fashion packs to pick from.

Cousins or older brothers and sisters can play with younger family members if there are dolls and accessories to share. Bratz dolls appeal to older girls who like the high-fashion outfits and make-up, and Baby Born is often preferred by little ones who love to play pretending to be mummy or daddy. Mickey Mouse is timeless and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sets are sought after and collected by those of all ages. Frozen dolls and all the extras are played with by everyone who has seen and loved the movie and Barbie dolls will never go out of style. Barbie has many extras like cars, houses and work outfits that make play time carry on for hours. Sofia The First is a Disney character that has purses, furniture, a watch and even a space hopper in the range so children who love her can enjoy a wide collection of kids toys.

Those who have a passion for these dolls will enjoy adding to their collection. These are items that never go out of style and we will always have a soft spot for them. For those looking to have a nice selection of baby toys or kids toys for visiting family, choosing to have any one of these characters is an excellent choice. Bratz dolls and Bratz outfits will keep girls happy for hours as they change clothing and hairstyles, and Barbie dolls houses can be rearranged endlessly in an afternoon. Mickey Mouse and his friends from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse range are hits with boys, girls and adults alike, and a collection of baby toys isn't complete without a Baby Born doll and Baby Born feeding and bathing sets.