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Dough, thinking putty and modelling clay are useful materials for sculpting art and playing with. features a variety of modelling clays, putty products and kinetic sands that offer something for everyone, whether you're working on an art project and need art supplies or you're looking for a stimulating toy for your children to amuse themselves with.

Melissa and Doug is just one of the leading arts and crafts brands included in this category, with the likes of Galt, Kores and ALEX also selling products at, whether you're wanting to purchase some fun and timeless Galt bouncy balls or one of the many clay kits from Amos.


Playdoh playsets offer hours of endless fun at home and at school, and there is a fantastic range of especially creative and entertaining toys available here to get your hands on at Made by top brands such as Melissa and Doug and Alex, these popular play dough products allow kids to get creative in a safe and clean way with little mess.

Soft and malleable play dough toys help kids improve their dexterity while experimenting with fun and squishy material. Toys such as the Recycling Truck from Playdoh and 3D picture frames from Alex will give you peace and quiet as the kids play with these great products for hours on end.

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These people-shaped moulds are a great arts and crafts tool for practising moulding, sculpting and modelling with dough. As well as crafts, the figurines in this fascinating set are also ideal for culinary use and fondant cake art, to make baking fun while adding detail.

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Moulding sand

Kids who enjoy sand casting will adore the variety of sand art supplies in the moulding sand category available at You'll find a host of sand art supplies online when you check our huge range here at Any child who likes sand art crafts will find that sand casting adds another fun, creative art technique to their hobby. Art supplies like kinetic sand and magic sand can be purchased individually. Tubs and bags of space sand will give hours of constructive art play to kids. These art supplies produce keepsake art to last years.


Whether you're searching for Play Doh, Thinking Putty or any other fun and creative product in this dough category at, you'll find a range of quality arts and crafts solutions from top crafts brands.

For kids, you can never go wrong with play dough; it's soft, sculptable and reusable, providing endless creative play dough enjoyment for children of all ages. Thinking Putty is also a very fun arts brand that offers glowing, crystal and magnetic varieties. Along with the excellent range of squishy Play Doh materials, toys such as the Play Doh fire truck add extra excitement and opportunities for role playing.

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