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Here in the Drawing and Painting artwork category at, discover an array of drawing tools and painting games for kids in pre-school through to primary school. Whether you're only just introducing your children to art or nurturing a budding painter, kids drawing with these products can do so in an interactive and fun way, while creating minimal mess thanks to the reusable and washable drawing products at

Kids drawing products at such as the Table Top Easel and the various washable colouring books from Melissa & Doug offer children the ideal drawing tools to create artwork in an easy and fun way. The Table Top Easel is just one example of the multi-functional products in stock, with various two-in-one chalkboard and dry eraser board painting games available to buy, perfect for drawing pictures, creating artwork and learning to draw.

The drawing tools available at are made by some of the leading brands worldwide, such as Crayola and Faber-Castell. You can find all that's required to stock up a kids drawing and painting station here, from paint palettes to crayon sets and everything in between.

Paint Brushes

The wide selection of painting tools available in this paint brushes department at will allow kids to get creative easily. Discover a fantastic range of art supplies including paint brushes and paint colours, made by top brands such as Sofia the First.


Painting is an incredibly creative and fun activity for kids to get involved in, and features a variety of paint colours and art supplies in this online paint department. Made by the likes of Galt and Crayola, these safe and non-toxic paint products are ideal for face painting, water colour painting, and arts and crafts.

Face painting is always fun, but you need the right face paint art supplies and paint colours to stay safe. At, quality brands offer non-toxic, washable face paint arts and crafts art supplies for painting scary faces and animal faces. Face painting for kids has never been easier.


This category is more than just paper alone. This collection of art supplies can help anyone who wants to learn to draw. Whether you doodle in a sketch pad or want to get creative with origami, you will find just what you need in this category.

Glue & scissors

Kids love paper crafts and’s glue and scissors category is the best place to source a side range of paper glue, glue sticks, glitter glue, glitter and Crayola craft scissors so children can create their own works of art.

Easles & art tables

Easles and art tables offer useful and comfortable spaces for children to get creative. Here at, find all you'll ever need for putting together an easle or art table at home with various options for combining kids tables and chairs. This department also has you covered for travel situations with the Disney Frozen Travel Art Set, which is a compact easle for sale here at


Choose from a variety of chalk products here at, including reusable activity books and chalk sets from leading brands such as Crayola and Melissa and Doug. Chalk drawings are easy to erase and produce little mess, allowing children to safely experiment with chalk books for kids and chalk art at home. Thanks to the range of art supplies available here, the possibilities are limitless.

Colouring Pens & Markers

Find all the whiteboard pens and markers you'll ever need at in our colouring pens and markers category. Regardless of whether you're going back to school or just looking for the latest Disney Frozen pens and pencils, we’ve got you covered. Sofia the First is one such Disney Frozen product that offers a selection of back to school stationery and markers. You can also buy fabric markers, quality Crayola pens and pencils, and many more school supplies at


This fantastic crayons category showcases everything from wax crayons to pencil crayons, allowing you stock up on art supplies and back to school stationery before sending your kids back to school.

Art sets

You'll discover a wide range of art sets in our arts and crafts online listings for kids at Melissa and Doug art supplies, Galt craft activities and Alex arts and crafts activities all feature. Kids learn a lot from craft activities, so building a collection of art supplies that children can access any time they are bored at home will assist cognitive development.