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LEGO® Toys

Available Online at takealot.com

Take a brief moment to remember the very first time you discovered LEGO®... These treasured memories hold a special place for many takealot.com shoppers. And for good reason.

LEGO® toys has been part of almost everyone’s childhood years. In fact, more than 600 billion bricks have been produced since 1958. That means there are more than 62 LEGO® bricks per person on Earth.

Whether it’s entertaining your inner child, delighting the young ones or even collecting the rarest of the rare sets, the world of LEGO® will always be perfect for everyone. As building blocks and collectors’ items, every piece is special.

Buy LEGO® sets online or on your phone for the ultimate convenience. From the timeless LEGO® Classic range to LEGO® Star Wars, LEGO® Juniors, LEGO® City and, for the collectors, LEGO® Technic, you’ll find all your favourites on the takealot.com LEGO® store.