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The kids stickers section here at features a wide variety of stickers and scrapbooking supplies from leading brands such as Hello Kitty, offering exceptional quality and endless creative possibilities for arts and crafts projects. From play sets to dress up characters, kids will be occupied for many hours by these interactive and reusable products, ideal for sticker designs, posters and much more.

Stock up on an enticing selection of scrapbooking supplies from this diverse section, whether for school projects or home activities. This range of kids stickers includes the alphabet and numbers, princess and fairies sticker rolls, and jewellery stickers. Every arts and crafts product comprises of many unique stickers to choose from for creating an art project or decorating a sticker pad, providing endless amounts of fun.

As well as scrapbooking supplies, there is also a collection of sticker pads, play sets and colouring books from Melissa and Doug featured throughout this arts and crafts category. These reusable kids stickers and glossy pads include farmyard scenes, habitats, castles, towns and dress up characters, all of which you can customise with the hundreds of stickers available for many hours of fun and creativity. There's also a range of snazzy 3D sticker pads to choose from that come to life when you put on the 3D glasses, with parks, beaches and airports among the scenes available to buy at

Whether you're looking for sticker supplies or the latest reusable sticker scenes, discover them all here at Children will love the creative possibilities of these products as they learn new things and begin to use their imagination.

Sticker rolls showcases a selection of stickers for kids in its sticker rolls category, providing fun opportunities to create and customise while learning. From Disney activity pads to Melissa and Doug dress up sticker rolls with fairy dresses, the possibilities are endless as your children play games and use their imagination.

Girls and boys will love the stickers on show here at, with many sticker themes and games to select from. These activity books are particularly beneficial for developing hand-eye coordination and colour recognition in young children.

Sticker pads

Sticker pads are fun reusable products that come with a diverse selection of cool stickers. You can use sticker books and reusable pads to form sticker collections, interesting pictures and much more thanks to these stickers for kids.


This category contains a full suite of sticker toys that are suitable for just about any girl. A lot of the toys in this section by Melissa and Doug come in pink. But pink isn't the only colour on display here: whether you want a single pink sticker or a whole collection of colourful Melissa and Doug kids' stickers, you would find it here. "Sticker fashion", putting them on your clothes, catches on occasionally, but stickers are always a little fun regardless.


In this kids stickers section, offers you a selection of boys gift sticker ideas including Melissa and Doug sets that will keep children amused for hours. Choose from space missions, a soft velvet sticker collection or a pirate play set - all of these will capture their imagination in different ways. This colouring activity is perfect for occupying those budding young artists on occasional rainy afternoons while also improving manual dexterity.


Melissa and Doug have been leaders in the field of fun education for over 25 years and with the quality and attention to detail that they continually offer, it is no surprise that they have stood the test of time. The Melissa and Doug stickers that are available here is sure to keep your little one happy for hours. These reusable animal stickers come in a range of different themes and are presented in exciting ways. Whether a 3D sticker by number dinosaur is your child's thing or maybe the chance to colour their own mystical unicorn stickers with Magicolour pens; there is always something in this collection for every child.