Home Audio

The home audio system consists of numerous components, each playing a particular role in your home entertainment. The combination that you choose is dependent on what you want the system to do, so there are a number of options to consider.

Components systems are the high end of the home audio set-up and consist of different units where amplifiers, CD players, radios and turntables are separate, plus stand-alone stereo microphones can be added for higher recording clarity. This can be expensive but the quality of sound reproduction is superior and it allows you to choose each unit individually, to suit your needs and your pocket.

No system would be complete without speakers and again, the choice is massive. You may need speakers that will connect to your existing system or sound bars for your TV system, so browse takealot.com before making your decision. Products that are available range from single speakers for connection to an existing stereo system to Bluetooth and wireless products that allow you to extend sound throughout the house. There is also a range of Hi-Fi speakers to get the best out of component systems.

If you are considering something to make your party go with a swing, takealot.com offers a selection of DJ equipment, turntables and microphones with all the interconnecting audio cables available. Great for entertaining both inside and out, though it is worth remembering that you will need a high-quality set of speakers and subwoofers to get the best out of your DJ equipment.

With such a wide range of products it is worth taking the time to browse the catalogue on takealot.com.