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MP3 Players & Accessories

MP3 players are the ultimate in personal entertainment, with the ability to store and play a vast amount of tunes. Their convenient size and extended battery life ensure they are the must-have device while walking or training, and on long journeys. They are also able to store audio books and many can support video playback. There are two main types, portable and home-based, though many home based units are more like a docking station for a portable system.

Without a doubt, the most popular MP3 players are made by Apple in the form of the Apple iPod Touch and the Apple iPod Shuffle and there is an array of accessories available including connection wires for syncing and charging, plus docking stations and additional headphone systems.

MP3 players prices vary depending on the manufacturer with the Apple iPod Touch and Apple iPod Shuffle being at the more expensive end of the market, but takealot.com stock MP3 players from a variety of companies including Teac and Transcend, so you are sure to be able to find a player that is within your budget.

Customer service is important to takealot.com, and they offer cash on delivery options with all major credit and debit cards accepted. Mobile App orders also benefit from free delivery. Take some time out and browse takealot.com, where you are sure to find the MP3 player you are looking for.